9 July, 2021

Native timber industry is sustainable, says Timber Towns ahead of government review of Timber Code of Practice

Timber Towns Victoria calls on the Victorian Government to provide clarity and certainty for the timber industry, workers and communities following a recently announced Government review of the Timber Code of Practice.

Timber Towns President and Deputy Mayor of Glenelg Shire, Cr Karen Stephens said, “We have known for a long time that the Timber Code of Practice was problematic. We trust this review will close existing loopholes and give thousands of workers the certainty they need for their jobs, families and communities.”

Timber Towns Victoria has previously called on the State Government to reconsider its plan to shut down the State’s native timber industry by 2030.

“It is not clear why the Government is phasing out the native timber industry. We have not seen any economic or environmental data to support this.

“Most people are unaware that 94 per cent of native forests in Victoria are unavailable or unsuitable for harvesting. This means the native timber industry can only harvest four out of every 10,000 native trees.

“By law every tree harvested must be replanted, and Old Growth Forests cannot be touched.

“Our native timber industry is regulated, and it is sustainable. We cannot say the same of overseas timber markets. It’s worth considering where timber will be sourced to feed our ever-hungry construction and furniture manufacturing industries if the native industry shuts down.

“We need a genuine plan to guarantee adequate timber supply, protect regional economies and jobs, and provide certainty for native timber communities across Victoria,” said Cr Stephens.

About Timber Towns Victoria

Timber Towns Victoria is the peak local government body for Victoria on forestry policy. We represent ten Victorian councils with local forestry industries on public or private land.

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