11 August, 2021

Native timber industry key to tackling climate change

Timber Towns Victoria argues that native timber production in public forests promotes carbon storage and must be taken seriously if Victoria is to tackle climate change.

In a submission made to the Primary Production Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan 2022-2026, TTV raised concerns about the lack of consideration given to native timber production in the plan. TTV pointed to negative activism and politicisation of the issue as the basis for this lack of consideration.

TTV President, Glenelg Shire Deputy Mayor Cr Karen Stephens said TTV wanted Victorians to understand the importance of the native timber industry in the fight against climate change. “Our native timber industry provides an obvious climate solution by taking and storing carbon from the forests and regrowing the harvested trees which absorb carbon at a great rate,” Cr Stephens said.

“The industry also improves forest health by regenerating forest areas badly damaged or killed by high intensity bushfires.

“We are concerned that the State Government does not appear to understand the environmental benefits of the native timber industry. This issue has been politicised to the detriment of communities, the economy and ultimately, the environment.

“We have evidence that multiple use and active forest management delivers positive environmental, social, and economic outcomes, however, the industry continues to be hit by negative activism.

“It is essential that people who may not understand the importance of native timber industry are educated to its benefits and embrace the work done in the regions to mitigate climate change.

“Rather than phasing out the industry, native forestry should be expanded to relieve pressure on the dwindling resource, reduce our existing $2billion trade deficit in wood and timber products and improve employment security for regional Victorians.”

Timber Towns Victoria has previously called on the State Government to reconsider its plan to shut down the State’s native timber industry by 2030.

About Timber Towns Victoria

Timber Towns Victoria is the peak local government body for Victoria on forestry policy. It represents 10 Victorian Local Government areas with forestry industries on public or private land. In representing these local councils and the communities that work within the forestry and timber industries, TTV is committed to maintaining sustainable practices to ensure the industry continues into the future.

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